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We identify solutions that match your workforce composition and operating schedule.

Fitness on the Job is dedicated to providing your organization with successful on site and in house fitness and wellness programming, cost justified with a visible payback, and structured to earn the active buy in and willing participation of employees and managers at all levels.

We serve businesses of every size and kind, as well as government at all levels, education, professional groups, unions and affinity organizations.

Our proven programs include numerous exercise and walking options, as well as nutrition, healthy eating, diet and weight management plus smoking cessation. In addition, we provide the participant rewards, education and the tailored incentives needed to make them work. We plan and manage Health Fairs and Wellness Days. As an option, we can also provide useful and targeted ergonomic products and services along with carefully conceived, moderate cost packages of quality fitness equipment, including layout, installation, and ongoing support for successful operation.

Fitness on the Job will visit your facility at no obligation. We'll identify solutions that match your workforce composition and operating schedule with management's goals and today's stringent budget limitations. A well designed fitness and wellness program will save your firm money by reducing employee costs, and make your business an even better place to work and prosper.

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Our Unique Products

Fitness on the Job has created unique products to assist employees at work.

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Fitness on the Job AlertSeat


Our Therapeutic Stability Ball Chairs are innovative, patent pending seating adaptation designed to help exceptional students in classroom, therapeutic settings, and home.

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Fitness on the Job Cart Caddy

Cart Caddy

Cart Caddy™ electric mini pullers and tuggers take the potential for back and leg injury out of industrial cart and wagon tasks by providing a quick and easy mobile assist anytime a heavy non-powered load on wheels needs to be moved.

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Fitness on the Job Adjustable Height Table System

Adjustable Height Table System

Our retrofit enabled adjustable height table system turns any work surface into an instantly adjustable ergonomic platform that makes jobs of all kinds safer, faster and easier to perform. Manual and electric hydraulic models match every load.

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Fitness on the Job has partnered with many well known companies throughout the Northeast.