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Our unique services and products have helped many employees over the years. Here are several questions from new customers.

How are the best workplaces getting fit and healthy? Take a look below.
We have some answers.

How are the best workplaces getting fit and healthy?

Fitness on the Job delivers 3 shifts, 7 days:

  • Tailored exercise programs with qualified instructors.
  • Group fitness at all levels. No gym or fancy equipment needed.
  • Stretching, Resistance, Aerobics, Yoga, Zumba™, and more.
  • Special programs for Police, Fire, and Security personnel.
  • Practical Nutrition, Smart Shopping and Healthy Eating and Cooking demonstrations.
  • Stress management—effective programs for employees and managers at all levels.
  • Health fairs—we will plan, manage, or assist.
  • Surveys that bring employees' to the process.
  • We work with your Wellness and Safety Committees, Unions, and managers.
Fitness on the Job has it all, and we can tailor and target our offerings to match your organization's needs and budget.

  • Unique "Exercises in your Pocket or Purse". It's a full color illustrated exercise anywhere kit with graded stretch bands.
  • Literature and Posters, unlimited choices, samples available.
  • "Healthy Days" Literature Rack Program; a complete monthly service with multiple topic choices delivered to all the locations you specify.
  • Motivational Desk and Wall Sign sets including your logo.
  • Multi-item "Kits on the Job", perfect for small and branch offices, or as individual or group rewards and incentives, and start up wellness programs.
  • Pedometers at all price levels, plus group walking programs that deliver results.
  • Incentives and Motivational Gifts to please every group and budget.
Fitness on the Job offers Ball Seating and Nutritional guidance.

  • Our AlertSeat workplace seating with inflatable and adjustable surfaces that address back pain, and encourage an alert but very comfortable posture.
  • We offer an all aluminum snack cart - the perfect way to do all your employees a healthy favor.
  • Our retofit enabled adjustable height table system turns any work surface into an ergonomic platform.
  • Improve your fitness with our industrial tricycles, made to move people and loads throughout your facility.
  • The Walkstation allows productive deskwork combined with aerobic activity.
  • The Cart Caddy electric mini puller takes potential injury out of moving heavy loads.

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