Our Unique Products

Healthy Snacks Cart

Our specially designed Healthy Snacks Cart with slide-in NSF poly totes is the perfect way to get started, and do all your employees a healthy favor.

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Fitness on the Job's Healthy Snacks Cart

Adjustable Height Table System

Our retrofit enabled adjustable height table system turns any work surface into an instantly adjustable ergonomic platform that makes jobs of all kinds safer.

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Fitness on the Job's Adjustable Height Table System

Industrial Tricycle

Industrial Tricycles move people and loads in the workplace without gas or electricity, and without any pollution, noise, or wasted energy.

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Fitness on the Job's Industrial Tricycle


TheWalkstation allows productive deskwork to be combined with an aerobic activity using a unique low speed treadmill and ergonomic height adjustable desk.

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Fitness on the Job's WalkStation

Cart Caddy

Cart Caddy™ electric mini pullers take the potential for injury out of industrial cart tasks by providing a quick and easy mobile assist.

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Fitness on the Job's Electric Tug


Our Therapeutic Stability Ball Chairs are innovative, patent pending seating adaptation designed to help exceptional students in classroom, therapeutic settings, and home.

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Fitness on the Job's AlertSeat

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